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The Best Spy Equipment Depends On The Object And Deliverable

Even as children we are fascinated with the amazing devices we imagine are the tools of the undercover agent. Naturally, we always assume the agent is on the side of good, for that is how our imagination leans, to the well being of society. From comic books to major motion pictures, espionage is interesting, but it is the fantastic spy equipment that really draws us in.

Even in comedies like get smart, the agents were buoyed by a seemingly never ending stream of new inventions, with a classic shoe phone the technical brand of the lead agent. Always rooting for the good guy, which our secret agents always are, we hope for the latest improvement in devices and gadgets to help them succeed in their dangerous but necessary missions. It keeps our minds ticking to see if we could devise some electronic device that would be helpful to our cause.

Keeping a secret is a challenge for most of us, and discovering the secrets of others is a powerful lure. The very idea that it could be done without the other party having any knowledge of the penetration is all the more delicious to the senses. This is a part of the success of reality television shows, the notion of looking in vicariously to other peoples lives.

Even between husband and wife there can be seeds of distrust which play elegantly into private investigator hands. For a fee, these shadowy surveillance experts promise they can provide the proof either for or against ones suspicions about a possibly unfaithful partner. Thus the melodramas on television portray seemingly normal lives disturbed by the ill intended actions of one spouse to the detriment of the other.

Whatever the purpose of the surveillance, step one is to ensure there is something worth taking the risk incurred in identifying the target, stalking and recording the information. In international spying, getting caught is frequently a fatal mistake, and while not a capital offense industrial or personal spying is severely frowned upon in most developed nations. The next step is deciding what it is one really needs to have.

The simplest kind of surveillance is that which allows one to document from a distance. The telephoto lens has made this so common that not considering it makes even criminals look foolish. But getting close to the mark is usually necessary to score clear voice and image recordings. The goal, of course, is to do so without being detected.

Pursuing miniaturization to the limit seems a sophisticated way to record cheaters, thieves and especially dangerous people. Most espionage stories deal with a volunteer who has to wear a wire, placing them in a dangerous position should it be discovered. But with advances made today, a small button casually placed can provide exquisite audio recordings without endangerment.

Techniques vary, planting an area that the target will visit or having servants wearing devices. All carry a certain risk, with prey and hunter engaged in a dance of advancing expertise. Each new device will be countered by a means to find it. Through it all, we will remain fascinated and intrigued by the continuing evolution of spy equipment.


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